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What’s The Cost Of Living In Canada For 1 Month? [Find Out]


Why do you want to immigrate to a country? Why are you choosing to immigrate to Canada? Well, before you think of immigrating to a country, it is necessary to research about the country to know if you can afford to live in it. While Canada is ranked as one of the best countries to live in with an averagely low cost of living, cities like Vancouver, the 93rd most expensive city to live in globally, does come at a price. However, Canada has 13 provinces and territories to choose from, many of which anyone can afford, especially if you can secure a job in Canada.

Canada is ranked among the top ten countries for safety and high standard of living globally, if you also search on your browser, you will see that the cost of living in Canada for 1 month surely made the list of most frequently and interesting searches in the internet recently.

We have compiled a list of the expenses you might incur for one month, along with a list of the most affordable cities to live in Canada.

Is Canada Affordable to Live in?

Research says an average Canadian family has to earn a weekly income of about 1,000CAD. You might be wondering how earning this figure per week will help you to live comfortably in Canada, but actually you can live well and enjoy the country as other residents do. Well, you can earn lesser an still live fine though it depends on the province you live in and also how you live.

When we say “living comfortably”, we mean that you are earning enough money to buy all of the things you and your family need and any other activity you might want to do. You should also be able to reserve some money for emergencies or unforeseen events that may come up like hospital bills.

Average Cost of Living for 1 Month in Canadian Cities
CitySingle personFamily of four
Toronto, ONC$3,551C$6,144
Vancouver, BCC$3,445C$5,955
Ottawa, ONC$2,822C$5,329
Montreal, QCC$2,384C$4,799
Calgary, ABC$2,449C$5,110
Halifax, NSC$2,377C$4,698
Quebec City, QCC$1,871C$4,126

The advantage of immigrating to Canada with your family is that you get to share the cost with your spouse or common-law partner and this makes life in Canada a much more affordable option.

For someone that is planning on moving to Canada and would still want to save up some money, you can also consider some cities that are less expensive.


Rent of the Top 5 Cheapest Canadian Cities to Live in for 1 Month
CityAverage Monthly Cost
1. Sault STE. Marie, ONC$1,000
2. Rimouski, QCC$800
3. Timmins, ONC$700
4. Quesnel, BCC$850
5. Abbotsford, BCC$600 – C$1200

Expenses for 1 Month in Canada

Rent (Monthly)
1 Bedroom (in City Centre)C$1,338.20
1 Bedroom (Outside City Centre)C$1,123.75
3 Bedrooms (in City Centre)C$2,166.95
3 Bedrooms (Outside City Centre)C$1,827.06
Utilities (Monthly)
Basic (Electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage)C$164.46
Local 1 minute Prepaid Mobile TariffC$0.34 (Not monthly)
Internet (Unlimited data, Cable/ ADSL)C$78.99

The cost of food per person in Canada for 1month is on average of C$214.00

How to save money on food in Canada

  • You should make a grocery list and stick to it
  • Avoid impulse buying
  • You can buy generic branded food instead of name brands
  • You can eat home-made food instead of eating out
  • You can go to grocery stores offer discounts on purchases
  • Make a budget whether weekly or monthly and stick to it
  • Match prices from different stores to get the best alternative
  • You can buy non-perishable or durable goods in bulk
  • Don’t go to the store with more than you have budgeted to spend

You should note that:

  •  Public schools are free and still offer quality education like the private schools so you can send your children there if you are looking to save up money.
  • There is also free healthcare services and medications paid for by the government through taxes. The taxes that you pay to the government depends on the salary you earn (P.A.Y.E).
Tax (Annually)
Federal Income TaxTotal
C$48,535 or less15%
C$48,535 – C$97,06920.5%
C$97,069 – C$150,47326%
$150,473 – C$214,36829%
C$214,368 or more33%

Find a Job that Can Help You Keep Up with Your Canadian Lifestyle

We have looked at all the costs involved to live in Canada; it is understandable why the Canadian government prefers that everybody that wants to come to Canada first gets a job.

This is something that, in most cases, isn’t optional when you show interest to move to an economically-driven country like Canada. This is a place you can further your future ambition and career. Also there is job security for you if you have the skills or professional training as the country is in need of capable hands to fill up shortages in the labour force as a result of large number of retirees.

To entice you more, in Canada, the average salary is approximately 60,000CAD per year so you can actually live well and save up some money at the end of the day.



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