Apply for University of Ottawa scholarship In Canada 2021

The University of Ottawa is offering free scholarship opportunities to foreign nationals interested in studying in Canada. There are lots of admission monetary assistance such as the president scholarship, chancellors and indigenous leadership scholarship designed to enable foreign nationals further their education in Canada. Other scholarship support provided by the University of Ottawa include enrichment mini-courses scholarship and scholarship awards offered to elite students.

The University of Ottawa is a well-known multilingual state research dedicated institution which is ranked as of the most highly placed universities present in Canada. It offers scholarship opportunities to foreign nationals interested in furthering there education such as undergoing undergraduate, post graduate and Ph.D. programs in Canada.

Areas of study at the University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa provides different areas of study for both local and foreign students seeking for either undergraduate or post graduate education through its various available faculties which are well known for their ultimate educational value.  

Different faculties you can find at the institution includes:

  • Faculty of law
  • Facility of health science
  • Faculty of medicine
  • Faculty of science
  • Faculty of engineering
  • Faculty of social science

Eligibility criteria for the university of Ottawa scholarships

As a foreign national, to be eligible for this scholarship opportunity, you need to meet up with the below scholarship criteria:

  • Must have successfully enrolled in a program at the university of Ottawa
  • You must either be a Canadian citizen or must have obtained a permanent resident which allows you to stay in Canada.
  • You must possess the minimum admission score that qualifies you for the scholarship
  • You must have records of your influence in a leadership role or engagement in any extracurricular activity.

Scholarship value:

The value of this scholarship is subdivided into three and they include:

  • President scholarship value = $30,000 ($7500 per year)
  • Enrichment Mini-course scholarship : $1000 & 500
  • Chancellors scholarship = $26,000 ($6,500 per year)

How to apply for this scholarship

To apply for this scholarship opportunity, please follow the instructions below:

Please note that application for this scholarship is only done online. When making the admission submission, you will be getting an email with your UO-Access ID and password. This will be used to access the student portal.

Login into the student portal to get access to the school online scholarship and bursary search engine. At this point, you have to generate your account to find the best scholarship offer that suits your needs. After that, you are expected to submit the scholarship application form.

As a foreign student, you are expected to start your application as soon as you can because applications for study permit usually takes up to 6 months to process. Also, you are expected to upload all the necessary documents without errors when making your application. Click on the below link to start the application.


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