How Much Do You Know About Engineering? [Test Your Knowledge]


How much do you know about engineering? Are you willing to test your knowledge with our tactical and interesting engineering questions? These questions are designed to enable engineering scholars test how knowledgeable they are on topics related to engineering and to prepare them for any examination ahead.

This Engineering quiz comprises of 15 questions which have been divided into three categories:

  • Yes or No questions
  • Image identification
  • General questions

You are expected to spend enough time in digesting the question before selecting the right answer. A lot of brilliant engineering scholars have attempted these questions and weren’t able to score above average. Do you think you are better than them ? Proof it now.


All questions are easy to understand. At the end of the quiz, the right answers  and your performance will be revealed to you. In an event where you aren’t satisfied with your performance, you can always repeat the quiz.

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  • Question of

    The combination of a metal with another metal or a different element is called ?

    • Alloy
    • elementalloy
    • metalloy
    • analloy
  • Question of

    Exfoliation is the scaling of the surface of a material as a result of corrosion ?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Modulus of elasticity is used to measure ?

    • Rigidity
    • Yield of a material
    • strength of a material
    • Maximum strength of a material
  • Question of

    Which of the below property of a light wave is dependent on its wave length?

    • color
    • length
    • thickness
    • Density
  • Question of

    In an organization, the general manager is under the chief engineer?

    • False
    • True
  • Question of

    The building blocks for common engineering materials is called?

    • Atom
    • Electron
    • neutron
    • Molecules
  • Question of

    Plastics are also known as polymers ?

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    The dimensional property of an engineering material that depicts the deviation from edge straightness is known as?

    • Camber
    • Elasticity
    • Yield
    • Plasticity
  • Question of

    The ratio of stress to strain of an engineering material is known as ?

    • Modulus of elasticity
    • Yield
    • strength of a material
    • plasticity
  • Question of

    Impact strength is the required amount of energy needed to fracture a volume of engineering material?

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    Vector quantities are quantities with no magnitude and no direction?

    • False
    • True
  • Question of

    What property of an engineering material prevents it from deformation?

    • Ductility
    • strength
    • Hardness
    • rigidity
  • Question of

    A substance that attracts iron pieces is called?

    • Magnet
    • Metal
    • Plastic
    • ions
  • Question of

    Cation are negatively charged ions ?

    • False
    • True
  • Question of

    The designated ASTM test for compression of plastics is ?

    • D695
    • D696
    • R695
    • C695

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