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How to Immigrate to Canada as a Baker


Are you a professional baker currently interested in immigrating to Canada? If Yes. You are simply on the right path to a better future in Canada. Cupcakes, pudding cakes with maple syrup, croissants fall under some of the interesting bakes Canadians love to consume. To ensure there is never shortages in pastries and cakes, Canada integrated bakers into their list of eligible professions under their skilled workers immigration program. Canada is currently welcoming bakers from other parts of the world to apply for permanent residency. Find out all you need to know to immigrate to Canada as a baker.

Immigrating to Canada as a Baker

Just like we always recommend to our clients, the first step to immigrating to Canada is deciding on which of the 13 provinces In Canada you will stay. In making this decision, we recommend you look at the business opportunities in such province and the tendency of your business surviving there. This is not something you will want to rush in your decision. Take your time, ask questions and do your research.

According to our research and some statistical data we looked at, provinces such as that of British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Alberta are the four Canadian provinces with majority of retail bakeries. Some of these bakeries are also in need of active bakers to help sustain the increasing demand. Most of the bakers you will find in Canada earn between $30,000 to $50,000 depending on their work experience and the province they work.

Another interesting idea you might want to consider is starting your own bakery in Canada. If you have this in mind, then we recommend looking at areas with low population and high demand such as Manitoba and Brunswick.

                          How to Immigrate to Canada as a Baker

  • Discover Your Eligibility:

Discovering your immigration eligibility shouldn’t be a difficult task. This is because there are over hundred economic immigration programs available in Canada. Do you understand what this means? Well! In a better explanation, this simply means that there are more than hundred ways you can take to Canada. Each of this immigration programs comes with its requirement, method of application and processing duration. So, like we mentioned earlier, you need to check your immigration eligibility by checking which of the programs you qualify for.

  • Popular Immigration Pathway for Bakers:

One of the highly recommended pathways for immigrants to immigrate to Canada is using the express entry immigration system. Bakers who are applying to immigrate from overseas and have never worked in Canada before can qualify for some of the immigration programs under express entry. Example of such immigration program include Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and the Federal Trades Worker Program (FTWP).

We thought you might be wondering what is express entry? The express entry is a fast and effective online immigration portal that works based on a point-based system popularly known as comprehensive ranking system. The highest scoring candidates will be giving invitations to attend a routing draw-round. Once you get the ITA, you will be allowed to formally apply for your immigration to Canada as a baker in six months or less.


The federal skilled workers program is only for foreign nationals who are highly skilled with excellent communication in English and French language and post-secondary education.

The federal skilled trades workers program is an immigration program for foreign nationals who have skills in trade occupations such as bakers with good communication in French and English and also job offers or a certification of qualification from Canadian authorities.

  • Supporting Documents:

When applying to immigrate to Canada as a baker under any of the available immigration programs, there are some important documents you will be required to provide. The list of documents may vary based on the immigration program you qualify for.

One of the most important and common documents you need to seek for before you will be allowed to immigrate to Canada is the English or French language proficiency test result. The higher points you score during the test, the better your chance and more points you earn on your visa application.

Another important document you need to provide is an educational assessment that proofs your qualification is equal to that the Canada standard. Lastly, if you have a job offer from a company or agency in Canada, you will need to provide an official job offer letter from your employer. Also, in some cases you employer might be required to provide a labor market impact assessment document to proof that they are in line with the legal procedures needed to hire a foreign national.

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