How to Immigrate to Canada from Cameroon


Are you a Cameroonian currently interested in immigrating to Canada from Cameroon? If yes. You just made the right decision millions of people have been hoping for. You are indeed lucky because Canada plans to welcome over 1.2 million immigrants by the year 2023. You might wonder why Canada is so much interested in accepting immigrants. Well! The fact is Canada is a very large country with a small population not enough to meet with the demand of the country’s economy. That is why immigrants have been used to control a major role in the success of the economy. They are used to fill in-demand job spaces and skills shortage, establish businesses and create more jobs. Canada is well known to be multicultural and tolerant to immigrant. Canadians are lovely people and are always willing to accept immigrants into their community.

Without wasting much of your time, we will be looking forward to different ways on how you can immigrate to Canada from Cameroon.

Minimum requirements needed to immigrate to Canada

Before proceeding with your immigration to Canada from Cameroon, you will be required to confirm that you meet with all the necessary requirements for health and safety. You will also be required to provide some important documents but this depends solely on the type of immigration program you qualify for after proper assessment.

  • Good health
  • Clean criminal record
  • English or French language skills
  • Education Credential Assessment document
  • Updated Resume
  • Valid passport

Routes to Permanent Residency in Canada 

Here are different routes you can take to your permanent residency in Canada:

  • Express Entry System

The express entry system the most sought out immigration route by most foreign immigrants. This system was designed for people with a minimum of 1 year working experience in their job. There are 3 programs you can find under the express entry system.

Skilled Worker Program – this program is for those immigrants who are qualified in either professional or management roles. They include accountants, engineers, managers, doctors etc.

Skilled Trades Program – This program was designed for foreign tradesmen. Their skills are in high demand in Canada. Some of the popular skills under this program include, plumbers, welders, electricians and pipefitters.


Canada Experience Class – The Canada experience class program is for those that are eligible for any of the above listed programs and have 1 year of working experience in Canada or are interested in working in Canada before seeking for permanent residency.

  • Provincial Nomination Program

The provincial nomination program is another good program for those interested in immigrating to a particular province in Canada.  Since each province in Canada have their own requirement, you have to apply to the government of a particular province in Canada where your skill is in high demand. If the government of that province accepts your request, you will be recommended for nomination by the province.

  • Pilot programs

The Atlantic immigration pilot program was created to help control the shortage of both semi-skilled and skilled workers suffered by the 4 provinces of Atlantic Canada which are New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, and the Prince Edward. This program permits applicants with a valid job in Atlantic Canada, apply for permanent residency via this route.

The Agri-food Immigration Pilot program, is a program that was designed to manage shortage in the agricultural industry present in Canada. The pilot program permits foreign workers with permanent job contracts on the following occupations to become permanent residents in Canada.

  • Harvesting laborer
  • Retail butchers
  • Food processing laborer’s
  • Farm supervisors
  • General Farm workers.

Study in Canada from Cameroon

Having your education in Canada is a great way of becoming a permanent resident if you do not qualify for any of the direct immigration programs. Provided you have a Canadian qualification, you will be able to apply for a post graduate work permit which allows you to work in Canada and also gain more work experience from Canadian job market. This will also make you eligible for a permanent job offer and getting a permanent resident permit won’t be a problem.

Occupation-Specific Immigration Pilots

Canada is also offering immigration pilot and provincial nominee programs that are aimed at helping workers that have specific in demand occupation immigrate to Canada. Example of such in demand occupation includes farmworkers, truck drivers etc.

Here are some of the well-known occupation specific programs in Canada: 

  • Saskatchewan Truck Driver Project
  • British Columbia Tech Pilot
  • Caregiver Immigration Pilot
  • The Agri-Food Immigration Pilot



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