Basic Requirements For Australia Skilled Immigration

Australia Skilled Immigration

To be considered for an Australian skilled immigration program, there are some basic requirements you need to meet up with. This article contains a list of some of the criteria, there are still other criteria’s that must be considered and some of which are not listed here. But this list gives you an insight of some of the standards you need to meet:

Age requirement: Applicants are expected to be under 50 years of age as at the time of applying for this program.

English Language Requirement: You will be expected to understand Basic English and communicate fluently. Measurements and assessments are done using the international English language testing system

Qualifications: You must have the right skills and qualifications which must be assessed by the relevant authority. This skill must correspond with the job offer you are applying for.  

Nominated Occupation requirement: When making your application, you are expected to nominate a desired skilled occupation which fits your qualification. Your desired occupation must be present on the skilled occupation list

Skills Assessment: Before making an application, you are expected to ensure that your skill is assessed by the Australian assessing authority.

Health Assessment and requirement:  All applicants are expected to be in good health. You must undergo a health assessment and your health records/results should be provided to the right authorities. Character assessment: Your character will be assessed. This includes ensuring that you have no previous criminal record.

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