Westgatemigration.com is a student scholarship and information platform, designed to help both local and international students getting free resources on scholarships and student lifestyle. This website is designed and updated by lifegeeks group, which is a well-known educational group in Nigeria. We are strongly concerned about the activities of students and how to help them improve in their career.

 On this platform, we have different staffs working to ensure the smooth running of this platform and also to ensure that the resources available on this platform are up to date. Some of the staffs include:


The founder of this platform is lifegeek group which is spare headed by JOHN. He is a professional content writer and affiliate marketer.

Other members of the team include:


Felix is the chief moderator in charge of ensuring all post and quizzes are well organized before publishing them on the platform. He is a very brilliant and hardworking student from the HAVARD University. He is a quite type of person and loves to play games a lot.


QUEEN is one of our content writers in charge of writing contents on student lifestyle. She is a first class graduate from university of Pittsburgh. She loves to write articles and also enjoys spending time with her close friends.

Samuel is a professional writer in charge of researching and publishing articles on scholarships. He is a computer science student at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a tech enthusiast and also a web developer. His hobbies are reading, coding and playing games.


Celine is a computer science student at the University of Pittsburgh. She Is also a member of Hell bloggers on Facebook which is a platform designed to help upcoming and professional bloggers. She is in charge of creating interesting quizzes on our platform. Her hobbies are writing, dancing and solving problems. 


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